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Shri Guru Charitra Avatarnika / Brief Description of 52 Adhyays (Chapters) of Shri Guru Charitra

Adhyay 1: - In this Adhyay, Saraswati Gangadhar ( Namadharak ) begins with invocation prayers for Divine Grace to endow on him merit and strength to be able to successfully compile the sacred Guru Charitra, the glorious account of Divine Incarnations of Lord Sri Dattatreya viz. Sri Sripada SriVallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati.

Namdharak, an ardent devotee of Sri Narasimha Saraswati, sets out for Ganagapur for the Darshan of the Holy Padukas. Tired and exhausted and when he fainted away, Guru Nath appears before him in a dream and blesses him.

Adhyay 2: - Namdharak meets Siddha Muni, the great and close disciple of Guru Nath. Siddha Muni starts narrating the Guru Charitra to him, which the latter listens to with rapt attention. Siddha Muni Narrates to Namadharak about How Universe was Born,and How Four Yugas were Created with their Specific Trends and also narrates the Story of the disciple Deepak and the Guru Veda Dharma and about the unexcelled merit that accrue from Guru Bhakti and Guru Seva.

Adhyay 3:- Once Durwas Rishi Came to a King called Ambrish,who used to Observe Ekadashi Fast. That day Sadhan Dwadashi was only for 24 Minutes after Sunrise.Fearing that his Vrata would be Broken, Ambrish took Holy Water and Dined before Durwasa,who went to River for taking bath and Performing Rituals .Seeing that Ambrish has dined before him Durwas cursed Ambrish to take birth in different Species.Ambrish Prays Shri Vishnu. Shri Vishnu said Durwas to Curse him Instead. Durwas asks Shri Vishnu to Descend on the earth Ten Times to Destroy the Evil and thus to give Relief to Everyone.This Led Shri Vishnu to take Different Incarnations.

Adhyay 4:- Anasuya was the Devoted Wife of Atri Rishi. She was well-known for her Pativratya. Lord Indra got afraid of her Power and Prayed Trimurthy to Save them all as Anasuya may anytime win Heaven. Trimurthy in the disguise of Mendicants went to Atri-Ashram ,when Atri Rishi had been out to the River for Daily Rituals. The Mendicants demanded alms and said that She should serve in Naked.Anasuya thought that They are Like my Children and went to Serve.Instantly the Trimurthy got transformed into Three Newly Born Babies.Atri Rishi returned to Ashram and realised that they are The Trimurthys.Anasuya asked Trimurthys to remain there as their Sons.Brahma was called Chandra,Vishnu as Datta and Shiva as Durvas.Later Chandra and Durwas went away for Penance.Shri Datta Stayed with Anasuya.

Adhyay 5:- Shri Dattatreya (In Disguise) Came to a House of a Brahmin called Appalraj at Peethapur for Begging Alms. It was an Amavasya Day and there was Anniversary Ceremony Day at their Home.Even then Sumati (Apalrajs wife) offered Alms to the Lord.The Lord being Pleased asked her wishes and said her that he will Incarnate as her Son. This Made Lord Dattatreya to Incarnate as Shripad Shri Vallabha.

Adhyay 6:- Ravana Sees his Mother Kaikaya Performing Pooja of a Shivlinga and Says her that he will bring Kailasa itself to her. Ravana went to Kailasa and Started Shaking it with his 20 Hands. Parvati Prayed Lord Shiva to Protect Everyone and Lord Shiva Pressed Ravana Underneath the Kailasa. Ravana then Performed Ugra Tapasya. Lord Shiva was Pleased and he gave his Atma Linga to Ravana and asked him not to Keep it on the Earth on the Way.

Shri Vishnu Sent his Sudarshan Chakra to Hide the Sun and asked Narada Muni to go to Ravana and Induce him to Linger on the Way,as he would like to Observe Evening Sandhya. Then Vishnu Calls Ganesha and Says him to go to Ravana in the Disguise of a Brahmachari Child,Win his Confidence and Keep the Linga on the Earth. Shri Ganesha did Likewise and Kept the Atma Linga on the Earth when Ravana had been for Sandhya. Ravana Returns and Slaps Ganesha and Ganesha in a Crying Tone leaves from there and Comes back to Kailasa.

Adhyay 7:- Shri Siddha Muni describes the Importance of The Holy Place Gokarana by Narrating the Story of a King of Ikshwaku Family and Shri Vashishta Maharshi to Namadharak.

Adhyay 8:- Shripad Shri Vallabha Saves the Mother and Son who tries to Commit Suicide and asks her to do Shani Pradosh-Vrata.And Assures her that he will Reincarnate as her son in her Next Birth. This Story led to Shri Narasimha Saraswati Avatar.

Adhyay 9:- Rajaka (Washerman) blessed to become a King in his Next Birth , Shripada Shri Vallabha Swami Concludes his Avatara.

Adhyay 10:- A Brahmin Named Vallabhesh,on his way to Kurwapur, was Killed by the Dacoits. He was Revived by Shri Shripad Vallabha Near Kuravpura (Also known as Kurugadda, an Island in the Krishna River Near Raichur).

Adhyay 11:- Shripad Shri Vallabha, as assured to Brahmin Wife Ambika, took birth as Shri Narahari as the Son of Amba Bhavani (Ambika in her Previous Birth) and Shri Madhava at Karanja. The Baby Uttered 'Om' from the very birth. The Child didn�t speak a word till his Upanayanam and started chanting the Holy Vedas after the Bhiksha during Upanayan.

Adhyay 12:- Shri Narahari leaves home and goes for Kashi-Pilgrimage and takes Sannyaas at Kashi from Shri Krishna Saraswati of Sringeri Shankaracharya Parampara and is given Yogapatta as Shri Narasimha Saraswati.

Adhyay 13:- Sri Narasimha Saraswati visits many other Teerth Kshetras and on the way comes to Karanja (Lad). He Proceeds to Basara Brahmeshwari where he cures a Brahmin who was suffering from Severe Stomach ache.

Adhyay 14:- Sayamdev who is Saraswati Gangadhar's (Namdharak) great-great-Grandfather Meets Shri Narasimha Saraswati at Basara. Shri Narasimha Saraswati saves Sayamdev from a Muslim King who used to trouble the Brahmins.

Adhyay 15:- Sri Guru asks his Disciples to go for Pilgrimage and tells the importance of various Teerths. He Himself stays near Parali-Vaijanath, also known as Parli - a place in Maharashtra.

Adhyay 16:- Shri Guru Narrates the Story of Dhoumya Rishi and the Great Guru Bhakti shown by his three Disciples Arun, Baida and Upamanyu. Thus describes the Conduct of a Disciple.

Adyay 17:- A Dull Brahmin Boy Comes To Bhillavadi and Prays Goddess Bhuvaneshwari by Cutting his tongue and Placing it at the feet of the Goddess. Thus Prays for making him Knowledgable. Goddess Bhuvaneshwari instructs him in his dream to go to Shri Guru at Audumbar. The Illiterate Brahmin Comes to Audumbar and Bows in front of Shri Guru. Shri Guru blesses the brahmin and he becomes Knowledgable.

Adhyay 18:- Shri Narasimha Saraswati Guru While at Narsobawadi, goes to a Poor Brahmin's home at Amarapur and out of Compassion decides to end their Poverty. Shri Guru uproots a Plant of Ghevda (A Kind of a Bean), which was the source of food for the Poor Brahmin's family. The Brahmin later discovers a Pot of Gold that Place.

Adhyay 19:- When Shri Guru stayed at Narsobawadi there were 64 Yoginis who used to Pray Shri Narasimha Saraswati by taking Shri Guru to their place under waters of the River. Shri Guru also blesses a Farmer called Ganganuj and on Magha Poornima takes him to Prayag, Kashi and Gaya and returns to Audumbar by the Same Evening. Shri Narasimha Saraswati then leaves Narsobawadi and Comes to Ganagapur (Now Sri Kshetra Ganagapur in Gulbarga District of Karnataka)

Adhyay 20:- Shri Narasimha Saraswati Saves a Woman from a Brahma Pishachi who used to kill all her issues immediately after their Birth. Sri Guru also blesses her with 2 Sons.

Adhyay 21:- Shri Guru in the disguise of a Sanyasi Consoles Women with lot of Philosophy. The women goes to Narsobawadi and prays to Sri Guru Padukas. The Dead Child is revived to Life at Night.

Adhyay 22:- Shri Guru Makes an Old Barren Buffalo at a Brahmins house give Milk when he came to Ganagapur for Bhiksha (Alms).

Adhyay 23:- The Gramadhipati went to Sangam and bowed in front of Shri Guru and requested Shri Guru to Stay at Ganagapur. Shri Guru agreed and when they reached South Gate of the Town. A Brahma Rakshas came out of a Peepal Tree and bowed to Shri Guru. After taking bath at Sangam it got Liberated. A Math was established at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur.

Adhyay 24:- A Great Sanyasi called Sri Trivikrama Bharati living at Kumasi criticizes Sri Guru saying that Such Luxury and Pomp are not meant for Sanyasis. Shri Guru seated in Palaki Proceeds to Kumasi with a Grand Procession and reveals his Vishwaroopa to Sri Trivikrama Bharati. Sri Trivikrama Bharati was a True Sanyasin but had unknowingly doubted Sri Guru. He realizes his Mistake and bows to Sri Guru accepting him as his Guru.

Adhyay 25:- Two arrogant Brahmins troubles Shri Trivikram Bharati and asks him to have a debate with them on Vedas. When he denies they ask him to give a Testimony Stating that they have won discussions on all four Vedas and Philosophy. The Brahmins are brought to meet Shri Narasimha Saraswati by Shri Trivikram Bharati.

Adhyay 26:- Shri Narasimha Saraswati Explains them the Structure of Vedas etc. and Says that the Holy Vedas are not meant for Worldly Discussions. However, the Brahmins doesn't listen to Shree Guru.

Adyay 27:- Shri Guru then asks one of the disciple to call a Harijan and to apply Bhasma (Holy Ash) to him and then to draw 7 parallel lines. Shri Guru asks Harijan to cross the lines. The lines indicated his 7 Births (Janmas). On crossing one of the line he Says he is a Brahmin named Adhyapak. Shri Guru then asks the Harijan to discuss on vedas with the Two Brahmins. The Brahmins Give up and eventually were punished by Shri Guru to become a Bramha Rakshasa.

Adhyay 28:- Shri Guru asks his one of the disciples to Pour Water on Harijan's body and the Bhasma got cleared from Harijans Body. The Harijans Knowledge vanishes and he goes back to his home.

Adhyay 29:- Shri Guru explains The Greatness of Bhasma to Shri Trivikrama Bharati by narrating the Story of how a Rakshasa was benefitted by the Touch of Sri Vamdevs Body smeared with the Holy Ash.

Adhyay 30:- A Woman named Savitri who has lost her husband is consoled by Shri Guru in disguise and is Explained the Impermanence of Life. (This Place can be still seen at Ganagapur and is known as Sati Katta )

Adhyay 31:- Shree Guru Explaines the Pativrata-Dharma, the Code of Behavior of a Devoted Wife by Narrating the story of Agasti Muni and his wife Lopamudra.

Adhyay 32:- Behavior of a Widow is explained in detail but when the women visits Sri Guru at Sangam, the Compassionate Guru revives her husband Datta.

Adhyay 33:- Shri Guru explains the Importance of Rudraksha by narrating the Story of King Bhadrasena and his Son Sudharma. The Kings Son and the Ministers Son always used to wear Rudrakshas instead of Gold. When the King enquires it to Parashara Rishi he narrates a Story of a Devoted Concubine and Says that the Monkey, which used to be with her, took birth as Kings Son Sudharma and the Cook as Ministers Son.

Adhyay 34:- Sri Parashara says that the Kings son had only 8 days remaining in his Life. He advises the King to worship Lord Shiva and explains the Importance of Rudradhyaya. The Child was finally saved by Sri Parashara Rishi.

Adhyay 35:- Kacha-Devayani Story is described along with Simantini Story to stress the Importance of Somavar-Vrata.

Adhyay 36:- Karma-Marga is explained to a Brahmin and his Wife who made her Husband break the Vrata of not taking Paranna Bhojana.

Adhyay 37:- Shri Guru continues to explain and elaborate on Many More Karmas to be performed by a Brahmin.

Adhyay 38:- A Brahmin (From Kashi) Named Bhaskar who brings Food Sufficient only for 3 people, Feeds more than Four Thousand People with the Blessings of Shri Narasimha Saraswati. We, the Archakas / Pujaris of Ganagapur are the Descendants of Sri Bhaskara Brahmana.

Adhyay 39:- 60 Year Old Women begets Children by Worshipping Ashwattha tree at the Bhima Amarja Sangam as directed by Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati.

Adhyay 40:- A Brahmin Named Narahari was suffering from Leprosy. Shri Guru gave him a dry log of Audumbar Tree and asked to Plant it on the Bank of Bhima in the East at Sangam. Also said him to Worship Ashwattam and to water the log, thrice a day. He assured that when it Sprouts Green Foliage, his Sins will be Wiped off. The Brahmin did likewise with Complete Faith. Shri Guru after someday Sprinkled the Holy Water from his bowl to the Log and it Sprouted Green foliage and the Leprosy of the brahmin disappeared. Shri Guru then Narrates the Story of Shabardut and his Devotion to Shiva-Linga, to all his Disciples and thus explains the Greatness of Devotion of Guru.

Adhyay 41:- Sayamdev Serves Shri Narasimha Saraswati by bringing Agni (Fire) from Nirgun Math to Sangam.

Adhyay 42:- Saymdev is told about the Importance of Kashi-Pilgrimage and also the Story of Twashta Brahmas Son, his devotion towards his Guru and his Kashi Yatra which gave him all the things he needed which were demanded by his Guru and his Family.

Adhyay 43:- On the Day of Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturdashi Shri Guru asks Sayamdev to Perform the Ananta-vrata and says that Pandavas got back their Kingdom by Performing the Vrata.Shri Guru also Narrates the Story of Koundinya and Sushila.

Adhyay 44:- A weaver (Tantuk) is taken to Shri Parvat (holy mountain Srisailam in Andhra Pradesh) and brought back in a Day.

Adhyay 45:- Nandi Brahmin worshipped Tuljapur Bhavani for the Cure of his Leprosy. He observed fast. Goddess Bhavani directed him to Chandrala Parameshwari at Sannati. He stayed at Sannati and worshipped the deity devotedly. He was told in a dream to go to Shri Guru at Ganagapur and that he would then be then relieved of the disease. Nandi Brahmin was relieved of Leprosy after he Praises Shri Guru in the Form of Stotras. He then became a Poet.

Adhyay 46:- Shri Narasimha Saraswati meets Narahari poet, a staunch devotee of Kalleshwara at Hipparaga village and makes him his disciple.

Adhyay 47:- During Diwali festival, Shri Narasimha Saraswati visits all his 7 disciples and also stays at the Math in Ganagapur at the same time. This is known as Ashta Roopa Dharan of Sri Guru.

Adhyay 48:- A Poor Farmer named Parvateshwar is blessed with a huge Yield with the blessings of Shri Narasimha Saraswati. This Place can still be seen in Ganagapur and is referred as Vishranti Katta indicating that Shri Guru used to relax at this Place.

Adhyay 49:- Shri Narasimha Saraswati shows Astha-Tirthas in the Bhima River on the Holy Day of Ashwina Krishna Chaturdashi (Naraka Chaturdashi) Deepawali at Ganagapur and cured Leprosy of his Pre Sanyasa Sister Ratnai (Bhagini Ratnai) at Papavinashi Tirth. Ashta Teerth is performed till this day every year on Naraka Chaturdashi at Ganagapur.

Adhyay 50:- Muslim King of Bidar Visits Shri Narasimha Saraswati Maharaj at Ganagapur on account of Tumor on his leg. Shri Guru addresses him as Rajaka and he recollects his life of Previous Birth that he was a washerman at Kurwapur who was blessed by Shripad Shri Vallabha Swami Maharaj to become a King. He bows and takes Shri Guru to his Kingdom. Shri Guru returns to Ganagapur.

Adhyay 51:- Shri Guru decides to leave for Kardali Van and assures that he will be staying in Ganagapur secretly Forever . He assures that everyday early in the Morning he would bathe at Sangam and Perform Anushthana there. He will be coming to Ganagapur at Noon for the Bhiksha and accept the Pooja in the Form of Nirgun Padukas at the Math forever.

Adhyay 52:- At Patalganga in Srisailam the Disciples worship Sri Guru before he proceeds to Kardali Van on a Flower seat prepared by them. The 4 Disciples viz Nandi, Narahari, Sayamdev and Siddha Muni receives the Flowers as Prasada.

Adhyay 53:- After Listening to Shri Guru Charitra , Namadharak lost senses and got Samadhi. Realizing this Shri Siddha Muni awakened him for the benefit of the people and asked him to Propagate Shri Guru Charitra amongst the people.

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